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By: Karen E. Cone, Certified Family Mediator 


In Florida, couples can obtain a divorce without attorneys.  Mediation is the way to go when you and your spouse are willing to "work it out" together with the help of a neutral mediator. Karen Cone, owner and primary mediator of the Mediation Center of Tallahassee, has conducted hundreds of "pro se" or "self-represented" divorces.

Couples have found that the cost of divorce using Karen's mediation approach is much less than the retainers and additional fees of two attorneys employed to battle the case out in court.  Such retainers can be $2,000 or more per party, costing the family $4,000 or more.  These figures don't even take into account the attorneys' hourly rates of $200 or more per hour.  If the couple is able to communicate with each other without extreme anger and hostility, mediation is an excellent and affordable alternative to a court battle.

Divorce by mediation is usually faster too.  The Final Judgment (which means....your divorce is final) can be signed by the Judge in about six (6) weeks from the first meeting with the mediator rather than six (6) months to a year or longer in cases with attorneys. 

Karen helps couples work out their own marital settlement agreements covering such divorce issues as child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and division of marital assets and debts.  She is always willing to provide a free separate telephone consultation with the husband and the wife explaining divorce mediation, her fee and anything else they want to know about the divorce by mediation process.  

Professional Note:  Mediation is a consensual process and is not a replacement for legal representation and advice.  A mediator cannot and does not represent either party as an attorney during the mediation and cannot give either party legal advice.



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