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More Legal Services 


KAREN E. CROFT CONE, founder of and primary mediator at the Mediation Center of Tallahassee, offers an extensive selection of legal services in addition to her vast array of mediation services.

The extensive selection of legal services, as outlined below, include but are certainly not limited to Legal Document Preparation (including complex Qualified Domestic Relations Orders [QDROs]), Fraud Examination and Expert Witness Services, Strategic Audit and Fraud Examination (SAFE) Services, Qualified Parenting Coordinator (QPC) and Florida Notary Public services. 


Legal Document Preparation Services / Qualified Domestic Relations Orders:

Karen offers a variety of experienced legal document preparation services (including preparation of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders [QDROs]) which are highly complex documents required to divide retirement assets in dissolution of marriage cases.

Please contact Karen for more information.  

Call (850) 402-1005.


Strategic Audit and Fraud Examination (SAFE) Services / Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) / Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP) / Expert Witness Services:

Karen is the founder and senior fraud examiner/forensic investigator of Strategic Audit and Fraud Examination (SAFE) Services. As a Certified Fraud Examiner (#9462), Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (#KARACM337) and experienced Expert Witness, Karen offers fraud examination, investigative and expert witness services for discovery and prevention of fraud in private business, government and non-profit organizations.

Please contact Karen for more information.

Call (850) 402-1005.  


Qualified Parenting Coordinator (QPC):

The Court has deemed Karen as a Qualified Parenting Coordinator (QPC).

Please contact Karen for more information.  

Call (850) 402-1005.  

Note:   Karen Cone is listed as a Qualified Parenting Coordinator at: 2nd Circuit Parenting Coordinators


Florida Notary Public Services:

The Mediation Center of Tallahassee provides Florida Notary Public services. Always be sure to call for an appointment with one of our notaries for your notary needs.

IMPORTANT: Yes, we do charge for our notarization services and notarizations are strictly by appointment only!

Call (850) 402-1005.



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